Where have you made a difference this year?

If I asked you where have you made a difference this year, what would you say? If you are struggling to find an answer then here are some things to think about:

Step 1: If you were to look back at this time last year, how was your career? your finances? How were you doing mentally/physically/spiritually? How were your relationships?

Step 2: Now compare the above information with this year….has anything changed?

Step 3: Have a think about your habits – how, if at all, have they changed?

Step 4: What lessons have you learned this year?

Want to make a difference in the world?

It’s really important to say that people who make a difference don’t have to be privileged, advantaged or special. People who make a difference to themselves and to others come from all walks of life and experiences. I would encourage you to think about someone who has made a difference to you in the past – the first person who pops into your head. Think about what are they like, their relationship to you and what they did to make a difference.

Maybe on reflection, you feel like you want to do more? Caveat: Are you sure?! This isn’t about judging yourself but honest reflection and tapping into your values. You are enough as you are now, but, if you really feel that you haven’t made a difference to yourself or others this year then here are some behaviours you could reflect on:

5 behaviours to help you make a difference

  1. Focus on adding purpose and meaning to your life. If you have a sense of purpose you will likely feel driven, focused, committed, and lit up from the inside.  You will likely believe you are here for a reason. You will know what is important to you and where you need to walk away from things that don’t support your belief.
  2. Build strong relationships, focusing on collaboration rather than competition. Everything you want to achieve can be accomplished with supportive, positive and authentic relationships. Review your relationships focusing on moving away from those which sap your energy and nurturing those which refill your cup.
  3. Lift and encourage others, share your knowledge and experience. The knowledge that we are not alone is inspirational and helps many people. Offer to mentor someone else or seek your own mentor or coach. Be open and honest but maintain your boundaries in terms of what you share and with whom – have they earned the right to hear your story?
  4. Make this the year you invest in yourself. None of us are perfect, that’s an impossible goal by the way, but if you approach life with curiosity and try and stay in the present moment you will be able to identify areas for growth. Acknowledge where you invest your time and energy, make informed choices and choose change because it will help you grow, rather than because you feel you should.
  5. We all have power and the ability to influence in some way. Choose to use yours wisely. Where can you make a positive change?

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