The Antidote to Overwhelm

During my masterclass on reducing overwhelm, which I ran in September, I shared an insight I had had in a coaching session with Dicken Bettinger and that insight was…being present is the antidote to overwhelm. Wowsers. It transformed my thinking. Let’s expand… The Overwhelm Epidemic Before we dive into the solution, let’s take a moment … Read more

Being too much

In the final of this mini-series, I wanted to talk about the idea of being too much and how it stops us from shining brightly. My own experience of shining brightly was full of self-made barriers that came from a feeling of being too much. I remember a colleague once saying to me ‘you’re always … Read more

The transformative power of being seen

 Last week I wrote about showing up Vs showing off and there was so much more I wanted to write that I thought I might write a mini-series instead. This week I want to talk about the power and fear of being seen.  In a world filled with constant distractions and virtual interactions, the longing … Read more

Why Showing Up Is Not Showing Off

My inner voice whispered “You are not showing off, you are showing up” and it stopped me in my tracks. I had been giving myself a hard time for doing my ‘usual’ in an online workshop. So I usually volunteer my thoughts/ask questions/go first etc but sometimes, I worry that I am taking someone else’s … Read more