Focus on progress, not perfection

when your goals arent going to plan charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

I looked at my running stats, I was ten miles short of where I wanted to be that month. I spent hours working out if I could squeeze in a few more runs. Of course, I would be able to but it would mean sacrificing something else. In the back of my mind a question … Read more

Do you wish you didn’t put things off?

procrastination personal coaching cambridgeshire charlotte ashley-roberts

How I wish I didn’t put things off! Let me give you an example: My friend had kindly taken the kids to the park. We’d put the car seats in the car and when she returned I went out to put them back in. Inevitably, by then all the kids were tired and hungry and … Read more

Understanding motivation

intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation when it comes to your goals charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

I have been listening to ‘The Gentle Discipline Book’ by Sarah Ockwell-Smith as I try and understand my children better. I got to the chapter on understanding motivation. In the book, Sarah talks about how when we reward children we are assuming they have no intrinsic motivation to do things and they can only be … Read more

Staying motivated whilst job searching

focused job search charlotte ashley-roberts career coach cambridge

My friend messaged me to say her hubby was at risk of redundancy and he was job searching. She asked if I could look over his CV. I agreed, of course. I asked about the kind of jobs he was looking for so that I could give him some support in tailoring it. As I … Read more

Managing your career during Covid-19

career coaching charlotte ashley-roberts

I wanted to write a blog post about managing your career during Covid-19 because I am having similar conversations with clients and I realised I hadn’t said all of this openly. It’s OK to have no headspace for your career right now I feel like it’s really important to say this. As I talk to … Read more