The Next Step Will Reveal Itself

Have you ever noticed that the next step will reveal itself when we are truly ready to see it? It’s a concept rooted in trust, patience, and self-awareness. Inviting us to recognise that growth and progress occur not on a rigid schedule but in harmony with our internal readiness.  Trusting the Timing Life has a … Read more

Making Space

As I sat down to write this week’s blog post, I found myself facing a blank page and a mind teeming with thoughts yet struggling to find a cohesive theme. It’s a predicament many creatives face—those moments when inspiration seems elusive, and the cursor blinks tauntingly on the empty screen. I decided to embrace this … Read more

Dancing with the Universe

Do you ever feel like life is a dance, and you’re dancing with the universe as your partner? I have come to notice this dance over the last few years. The cosmic rhythm surrounds us, guiding our steps and shaping our journey. In my experience, embracing this dance can lead to profound personal growth and … Read more

It’s OK to want to earn more money

Grab a cup of tea, and get cosy, because today, we’re diving deep into a topic that’s been on my heart – the empowering journey of women wanting more, and let’s be specific here, more money, because it’s OK to want to earn more money It’s OK to want to earn more money This year … Read more