The Next Step Will Reveal Itself

Have you ever noticed that the next step will reveal itself when we are truly ready to see it? It’s a concept rooted in trust, patience, and self-awareness. Inviting us to recognise that growth and progress occur not on a rigid schedule but in harmony with our internal readiness.  Trusting the Timing Life has a … Read more

Who am I BEING as a leader?

reflection on who am I being as a leader

As a leader, you are a doer. You are thinking about the future, creating strategies, nurturing the people in your care and all the other things that come along with positions of leadership. Doing is your behaviours, your actions and your decisions. But what if I asked who you are being as a leader? Who … Read more

The Antidote to Overwhelm

During my masterclass on reducing overwhelm, which I ran in September, I shared an insight I had had in a coaching session with Dicken Bettinger and that insight was…being present is the antidote to overwhelm. Wowsers. It transformed my thinking. Let’s expand… The Overwhelm Epidemic Before we dive into the solution, let’s take a moment … Read more