Rocking Chair Exercise

At this time of the year, we are prone to reflection, as the days are shorter and the nights longer. But reflection doesn’t always feel easy because it’s also one of the busiest times of the year. I wanted to share a really quick but powerful coaching tool with you: the rocking chair exercise.  What … Read more

Reflection: making space for growth

power of reflection for growth career coaching cambridgeshire

As the kids have gone back to school it’s given me some much needed time alone to work on myself and my business. I’ve had two coaching sessions in the last week, both for me as the coachee. One with my own coach and another as part of a supervisory session. One of the things … Read more

Are you feeling exhausted from lockdown?

lockdown fatigue covid-19 charlotte ashley-roberts coaching cambridgeshire

Are you feeling exhausted from lockdown? You’re not alone. When lockdown began many of us put rainbows of hope in our windows. As I was chatting with my friend yesterday I observed that they were all looking a bit faded and we laughed that her Blu Tack had melted down the windowpane in the heat. … Read more

How do you cultivate your creativity?

being more creative personal coaching cambridgeshire

Are you creative? How do you demonstrate your creativity? (If you believe you are creative). When I was young I loved to make those pictures that built up in layers. I thought I had ‘nice’ handwriting (though not as beautiful as my Dad’s) and I dabbled a bit in writing poetry – an outlet for … Read more