Managing your career during Covid-19

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I wanted to write a blog post about managing your career during Covid-19 because I am having similar conversations with clients and I realised I hadn’t said all of this openly. It’s OK to have no headspace for your career right now I feel like it’s really important to say this. As I talk to … Read more

Why lockdown is the perfect time to plan your career

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Many of us are in lockdown as we try and stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading. I’m seeing lots of stories of people getting those jobs done that they’ve been putting off. I have done it myself, sorting all the girls’ clothes out as they’ve grown; decluttering the office and tidying up the garden. We … Read more

How to work from home with your kids

working from home with the kids during covid19 pandemic charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

When I realised 9 days ago that we would have the kids at home for two weeks my heart sank a little bit. One of the reasons I send my kids to a childminder/preschool is not just for their own benefit, but for mine too. I find it hard to switch off my Mummy mode … Read more

Three things I’ve learned from self-isolating

14 day self-isolating coronavirus lessons charlotte ashley-roberts coaching

It’s day 3 of our 14-day self-isolating experience for our family due to my partner having a temperature. We don’t know if it is coronavirus since there’s no testing, but we’re taking the precaution anyway. I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned. You are not alone. When my partner woke with a temperature, … Read more