5 ways to cope as lockdown eases

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We are beginning to unlock and it’s a confusing time. I did a poll on LinkedIn this week to ask how folks are feeling as lockdown eases. 42% are feeling anxious, 44% are ready and 12% are not feeling ready at all.    It’s OK to feel anxious as lockdown eases I watched this morning … Read more

Lessons from a year in lockdown

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It’s almost 1 year to the day since my partner caught coronavirus and we went into self-isolation. The week after, the whole country plunged into lockdown one. 361 days later here’s what I learned from our year in lockdown:   10 lessons from a year in lockdown   We’re in the same storm, but not … Read more

Are you feeling exhausted from lockdown?

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Are you feeling exhausted from lockdown? You’re not alone. When lockdown began many of us put rainbows of hope in our windows. As I was chatting with my friend yesterday I observed that they were all looking a bit faded and we laughed that her Blu Tack had melted down the windowpane in the heat. … Read more

Career advice during Covid-19

I have been having career coaching sessions with clients during the last 10 weeks of lockdown and conversations have become more related to finding jobs and job applications rather than wider career development. The good news is that people are finding jobs, with 80% of my clients finding jobs within this time. Nevertheless, I thought … Read more

Managing your personal productivity in lockdown

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I would definitely describe myself as productive (80% of the time at least!) I’m driven by a deadline and during Covid-19 all my deadlines have disappeared and I’m finding it hard to manage my personal productivity, by which I mean I am giving myself a hard time for not doing more. Managing my productivity at … Read more