Are you procrastinating in your business?

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I have a confession, I have been procrastinating. I seem to have lost my focus. I think it has been a gradual thing. I certainly wasn’t my intention but it has become my reality right now. I find myself doing nothing or tasks that are time wasting which leaves me feeling like I achieved very little. … Read more

How to ride the rollercoaster of self-employment

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Ah, the rollercoaster of self-employment. One minute you’re up and the next you’re hurtling towards the ground with astonishing speed. It’s an exciting ride, that’s for sure. As part of my series of blogs on change, I wanted to talk about the change involved with running your own business. One of the biggest lessons I … Read more

How I found my niche as a new business owner

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When I first started my business I wanted to work with mums returning to work because it was what I knew, but, they weren’t the clients I was attracting. As my business grew I found that the people coming to me were women in leadership positions and/or business owners. Some were mums and some weren’t … Read more

How to grow your business to the next level

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As I sat with my client I asked him how he would grow his business to the next level. He looked at me for a moment and then said: “I have no idea”. As business owners, it’s so easy to either get comfortable and stay doing what we have always done or feel frustrated that … Read more