Slow and steady wins the race?

slow and steady charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

The hare and the tortoise fable has featured heavily in my life this week as over the Easter weekend we watched the CBeebies ballet and then through the next few days it kept popping up. Difficult to ignore and really quite apt as I walk along this path towards a new life. But does slow … Read more

What inspires creativity?

If you had asked me as a teenager if I was creative, or even as a young adult the answer would have been a resounding no. Ask me now and I would say yes, I am. The difference between now and then? How I define creativity I suppose. What inspires creativity though? I was useless … Read more

What are your limiting beliefs?

break through your limits charlotte ashley-roberts coach

We all have limiting beliefs, they are those things we believe or assume that stop us from progressing to the next step, from taking up a new role or hobby or from achieving our dreams. They constrain us in some way. People have beliefs about many things, including: rights duties abilities permissions ourselves our self-identity … Read more