Career confessions of a guilt ridden mum

creating a career as a mum charlotte ashley-roberts

I remember thinking that when I became a mum I would be ‘me’ with a child. Oh, how naive I was! With motherhood comes joy, tears, amazement, frustration, judgement and the inevitable guilt and anxiety. When you become a parent it seems like there are a million decisions to make and a million different ways … Read more

5 things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed

how to stop feeling overwhelmed

I want to tell you a story about two conversations I have had this week. One with my friend who has found herself standing in the kitchen nibbling on chocolate without understanding why. The other was as part of a workshop I was delivering to a group of women returners trying to build their careers. … Read more

Lessons in mindfulness from a working mum

finding balance as a working mum in the holidays

I have learnt many lessons as a working mum… and most of them occur during the school holidays! It seems to be a time full of emotions. We swing from blissful happiness to frustration and (often) finally tears. That’s not just the kids either! I find the holidays particularly tricky as a self-employed working mum. … Read more

Is there a career after having kids?

maternity coaching charlotte Ashley-Roberts Career Coach

The reason that I do the job I do now is because I wanted a career after having kids. I was successful, ambitious and willing to work hard… but suddenly my career felt like it had been halted because I had had a child. It hadn’t of course but it really, really felt that way. … Read more