Preparing to go on maternity leave

In the top left hand corner of my diary there is a number scrawled in black ink. It tells me that I have 36 working days left before I leave for my second bout of maternity leave.  Hindsight is a useful thing isn’t it? The benefit of going through this process once already has made … Read more

Imagine the possibilities

She believed she could, so she did  – R.S. Grey I just keep coming back to this quote. From my personal life, particularly as I enter the final trimester of this pregnancy, to my professional life as I develop myself as a coach and talk to others about their hopes and dreams. Having written about TED talks, nature and careers/recruitment … Read more

Fair game?

Careers fairs aren’t always in person, increasingly they are becoming online events. The benefits of it being online are that you can get involved wherever you are, whenever it is the best time for you but there are plenty of opportunities to go along to events that aren’t online, for example, the Workfest event I attended last year. Should … Read more