7 Ways to grow your business by raising your visibility

Raising your visibility is crucial to growing your business.

It has (hopefully) come to your attention that I am raising my visibility. Perhaps you are reading one of my blogs for the first time? Maybe I have been in your wider consciousness but now you ready to see me. It doesn’t actually matter, the point is that you are here. You see, when you run a business you need people to see you. This is why I am taking part in the #60DayChallenge to demonstrate how powerful an online network can be.

Why should we raise our visibility?

When I first signed up I didn’t know why I was doing it…it just looked like fun but as I sat and reflected I realised I wanted to be more visible. In order to grow your business and realise your full potential others need to see you working your magic too.

I want to be known as the person who is the expert in what I do (I show women the power within themselves in case you didn’t know). Of course, this isn’t about me, it’s about you. So how do you go about raising your visibility and why is it important to you that you do?

How to raise your visibility

Be the expert:

Join groups and add value by answering questions, sharing your knowledge, cheer others on. Share relevant information – including your own content if you create it. By engaging with a group or post on social media you position yourself as someone valuable and knowledgeable and you never know who might see it. Think about the problems they need solving and provide those solutions. As one of my coaching colleagues said to me yesterday:

“Give people what they want before you give them what they need” – Chris McMahon, Very Simple Sites

Build trust: 

Remember that people buy from people, not businesses. Another conversation I have had with a client this week. Why should someone choose you over someone else who does the same thing? Because they like and trust you. The best way to build trust is by raising your visibility through creating resonating posts, relevant articles and engaging when they comment, like or share your content. The more you interact, the more people will get to know and trust you.

Create a strategy:

Ask yourself what you should be doing and then create a plan to execute it. You might want to have an online and an offline strategy for networking and raising your visibility. I would also add in here that whilst looking at what others are doing, particularly if they are successful is a good way to get to grips with this, you need to do it your way.

Track your progress:

When you understand your statistics you can see what’s working for you and what isn’t. These insights also help you understand your audience, your niche, your ideal client. You will be able to see how they view your content, which products or services they like, which blog posts is the most popular etc. This allows you to do more of what they love and become more visible to them.

Tackle a problem no-one else wants to tackle:

Perhaps there’s a problem you can see that no-one else is tackling? That’s an opportunity. Most people want to work on the products and services doing well, but by taking on the product that isn’t succeeding in the market—and trying to change that–you have the chance to make a much bigger impact. You will raise your visibility demonstrating that you take initiative and think creatively. That won’t go unnoticed.

Find an advocate:

Whether you call them a sponsor, a fan or an advocate, they all do the same thing. Sing your praises and recommend you to others. They may also work on opportunities to open doors for you, thereby raising your visibility further.


I am a big fan of collaboration rather than competition. I think it yields better results and it’s mentally easier than worrying about what the competition is doing so to speak. Look around your networks (on- and off-line) and see who you would like to work with – then, go and ask them for coffee. Get to know them, find out what they do and where you have a common purpose. See where the conversation takes you!

Raising your visibility: my challenge to you

You are welcome to join me over the next 60 days to:

  • raise your own visibility
  • expand your network
  • make quality connections
  • build trust
  • whatever else you need to do

My question is though, what is your strategy to grow your business? 

If you would like to join in with me, Louise Lee and Rachel Extance then all you have to do is commit to a maximum of 60 minutes a day to network online and to vlog your successes/challenges/thoughts under the hashtag #60DayChallenge. Or if you choose to create your own challenge, let me know so I can share your posts.

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