10 questions to help you grow your gratitude

Our friends over in the US are celebrating Thanksgiving this week which means that gratitude is high on many people’s list this week. The thing is, I believe that we should be thankful every day (just love should be demonstrated every day not just on Valentine’s Day in my humble opinion!) across all areas of our life. I know that isn’t always easy but that’s why it’s called practice!

I talked about choosing gratitude last week, I talked about it on Saturday and went into detail over in the discussion group. I know that we don’t always feel grateful, that we can be stuck in our negative spiral of thought. Sometimes we can’t see for the fog of our thoughts clouding that innate ability to be grateful. So with that in mind, I wanted to share with you 10 questions to inspire you to think about the things you are grateful for:

  1. Who do I appreciate (and why)?
  2. What am I taking for granted that, if I stop to think about it, I am grateful for?
  3. Looking around me what am I grateful for right now?
  4. What do I feel lucky to have that others might not have?
  5. What happens in my life without me having to think about it?
  6. If I wanted to be grateful, what could I be grateful for?
  7. What am I grateful for that I learned about myself the past year?
  8. What challenges have I been faced with? What did I learn and how can I be thankful for them?
  9. What insights have I gained that I’m grateful for?
  10. How can I say thank you to others, to myself, to God and to the Universe more often?

Let me know any insights you have! As always, I love to hear what you are doing. You can comment, email me (charlie@yourtimetogrow) or pop over to LinkedIn?


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