New Start: Find what you love

Every year I do monthly challenges on a range of topics, all with the intention of making small, regular, positive changes. It takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit and so by introducing these small steps and reflections over a month you will be halfway there. For many people, one of their new year goals is to ‘find what they love’. I have written about this before but I wanted to summarise the key points as well as adding in some new things I have learned.


We all want to be happy and, in order to build long term happiness, you need pleasure in what you are doing, as well as meaning. The meaning bit is critical as without it one can feel unfulfilled. It is imperative to recognise that no one can ever be 100% happy all the time but striving for happiness is important.

In finding what makes you happy you will find your passion and vice versa.

What is important to you? 

Answer the following questions:

 How satisfied with life are you, on a scale of 1-10?

 Who and what do you make time for?

 What did you used to love doing that you don’t do anymore?

This will give you an understanding of what you value, by understanding this you can identify what gives you meaning in life, or at least start to identify it!

What are your strengths?

Take time to reflect but don’t get lost in the past or the future, you need to be conscious of now. We often focus on the things we can’t do and whilst exploring our weaknesses is useful we often neglect to look at our strengths. The key thing is to find a balance.

We all have signature strengths too, those which might be classed as traits or values in their own rights. To give you an example or two, mine are related to social intelligence, zest for life and kindness. By understanding what these are and by building them into my day I find fulfilment. You can see how they fit into coaching.

Finding flow

The term ‘flow’ in the context of finding your strengths and passions was coined by Mike Csikszentmihalyi and it occurs when challenges mesh with your ability to meet them. You get lost in time, although it cannot be sustained over long periods. It lends itself to goal setting.

By reflecting on these three things you will understand yourself better so that when you do choose to find your passion you will be streets ahead. Your passion may or may not pay the bills, that is something you will need to decide and choose depending on what’s important to you. If you want my advice, start now, today is as good a day as any other to start finding your passion.

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