Imagine the possibilities


She believed she could, so she did  – R.S. Grey

I just keep coming back to this quote. From my personal life, particularly as I enter the final trimester of this pregnancy, to my professional life as I develop myself as a coach and talk to others about their hopes and dreams.

Having written about TED talksnature and careers/recruitment fairs I thought I would mention some of the other possibilities available to you when seeking inspiration. I was inspired by this post by Tiny Buddha.

Finding inspiration in something you have always wanted to do.

I love the thought of finding inspiration in possibilities and we all have things we have always wanted to do, from learning a new skill or reigniting an old passion for something you used to do to pass on those skills to someone else.

Taking that first step is the hardest thing to do, to allow yourself the time and space to consider the possibilities available to you. Find a way which works for you. I am a visual person and so I love Pinterest to daydream and find ideas for my projects old and new.


Finding inspiration in other people

I draw strength from others, it allows me to give some of mine away to people who need it more than I do. I find strength in so many people, some I know personally and some I have never met:

  • my toddler (and niece and nephew) who tries things with no fear and complete trust in the people around her
  • my best friend who has just this morning achieved the most amazing outcome to a project which was full of self-doubt and fear of the unknown
  • my colleague who, no matter what life throws at her, remains THE most positive person I know because she believes that ‘life happens’ and it doesn’t do to dwell on all the awful things which could go wrong
  • artists, actors, musicians and poets who pour themselves into their art
  • strangers who share their stories and pass on wisdom, passion and knowledge through their narrative

Finding inspiration in yourself

The world is a busy place and we all need some time to ourselves. I took up mindfulness meditation a couple of years ago when I needed to grab some time to myself. I take 15 mins every day to re-focus and reflect. Whilst I love writing, I am useless at writing regular journals so I find more free-flowing ways to express myself.  Find something which works for you.

If you struggle to see yourself in a positive light and find inspiration in yourself, you can ask other people. Just last week I asked 5 people I know well to fill in a short set of questions. I wanted to know what they thought my greatest strength is, one thing I could change about myself and what they value most about me. The results warmed my soul.


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