Creativity, accountability and the art of being authentic

Accountability is defined as the act of being accountable, to accept responsibility and throughout this month I have had many conversations about creativity, how we inspire it, how we share it, how we improve it, how we own it. What I have learnt it that in order to become more creative we have to open ourselves up to failure, we have to stop being fearful and take that first step and yet isn’t that true of life, not just in inspiring our own creativity?


I was wandering through my own creative inspiration (Pinterest) when I stumbled across this:


That’s it I thought. By being creative we can share a side of ourselves that most of us rarely let others see. We can be ourselves. We can be authentic. And, by inspiring our own creativity through a medium which works for us we remain authentic to ourselves. It matters not whether you love creative writing, painting, crafting, looking at a problem from a different perspective or any other way of unleashing your creative spirit and bearing your soul.  


In order to be our most creative, indeed our most authentic self we need to accept responsibility for our own actions, or inactions and thus we are accountable for ourselves.


So when we say we don’t have time to be creative, or it’s not appropriate to be creative or that we aren’t a creative person, are we being honest with ourselves, are we taking responsibility, are we being accountable to ourselves or to our fears? I urge you over the coming days, weeks, months and years to find a way to be accountable for your creativity and not let anything hold you back.


The other thing I’ve discovered about creativity is that once you find (allow) it in one area of your life it spreads…how exciting!


I would love to hear your tales of how you have become more creative in the last few weeks if you’d like to share. Or if you’re going to commit to finding what inspires your creativity. Please get in touch.


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