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Exercise one is all about getting to know yourself


Exercise two is to help you stay calm


Exercise three gives you control of your self care

Happy thoughts from Your Time To Grow clients

 I didn't realise that I was missing self-care from my business strategy...I thought I was meant to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Now I know different! 


The calming techniques Charlie has shown me have been so useful. I use them all the time now, from work to when I am out running. It really helps keep me grounded and present in the moment. 


Trying to run a business and bring up a family is really hard sometimes. I have found the suggestions of self-care activities so useful and quick too! I can now ensure I get my self-care fix even if I only have a few minutes! 


Why self-care is good for business

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3 minute meditation

Only got 3 minutes? Try this meditation to create some space in your mind.

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