Being vs doing

One of my favourite parts of being a coach is supervision. Supervision is when we, as coaches, get to talk to another coach about something, or we get to practice a new technique or explore a topic. Last night I explored the topic of being vs doing.  Paying attention to signs It’s something that’s been … Read more

How to reduce your cognitive load

I downloaded the Calm app this week. In the past, I’ve used Headspace, which I love but one of the things about Calm that intrigued me was the little daily wisdom snippets. Today’s was on cognitive load.  I’d never really heard of cognitive load, although when Jay Shetty started talking about it I realised it’s … Read more

How can you be more vulnerable?

We could all do with being more vulnerable. My daughters have taught me so much about being vulnerable and I’d like to share a story and ask: how can you be more vulnerable? I collected my middle daughter from school yesterday and I could hear her playing a game with her favourite teachers. I heard … Read more

How to build healthy self-soothing habits

Being your best self Charlotte Ashley-Roberts Coaching Cambridgeshire

I have been thinking about self-soothing. As I caught myself mid scroll as I wondered what on earth I was doing. I was barely even reading, just skimming over the text, looking, for what? I didn’t even know anymore. However, I knew it wasn’t good, I was searching for drama, something that I didn’t want … Read more