How to follow your own career path

After my post last week I was chatting with my friend and we drifted into the topic of how to stand up for yourself with integrity and compassion and admit to yourself, and to other people, you love the thing that really makes your heart sing, and in doing so, you’ll be much happier. In … Read more

It’s OK to change your mind

changing direction career coaching cambridgeshire

Have you ever found yourself some way down a path and knowing that you should probably turn back? Maybe curiosity takes you forward or perhaps a stubbornness, because, well you made the choice and you’re gonna see it through. Maybe fear has you paralysed. Whatever is going on, it’s ok to stop, check a map … Read more

Consistency is more important than perfection

word of the year personal coaching cambridgeshire

My word for 2020 is consistency. You will most likely have seen posts on social media regarding setting a Word Of The Year (WOTY), but I wanted to take you through the process. Ultimately it is a word chosen as one of the most important words in the public sphere often at the end of … Read more

The no-resolution revolution

the no resolution revolution your time to grow blog coaching new year

Have you got all of your New Year’s resolutions sorted? Raring to go? Or are you procrastinating on what you want to do? For many people, the New Year involves making a list of all the things we want to do over the coming 12 months. Many people choose to stop a certain (usually ‘bad’) activity, some start … Read more

10 powerful questions to ask yourself when facing change

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts transitions coach cambridgeshire

Life is a journey, there are stops along the way, there are crossroads, side roads, detours and dead-ends. There are mountains to climb, valleys of despair, wildernesses and open roads. Sometimes we have it all mapped out, sometimes we are reading the map upside down, inside out or back to front. Other times we veer … Read more