5 tips to maintain healthy boundaries (and not feel guilty)

5 reasons not to feel guilty about setting boundaries charlotte ashley-roberts personal coach cambridgeshire

Edit: I wrote this during lockdown, whilst I was ‘lockdown learning’ but have updated it for life generally! Does this sound familiar? It’s week 537558 of the summer holidays (read day 3) and I’m exhausted. I’m finding myself increasingly introverted and needing to be solitary and yet…I feel like that’s an impossible task. I feel … Read more

How to work from home with your kids

working from home with the kids during covid19 pandemic charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

When I realised 9 days ago that we would have the kids at home for two weeks my heart sank a little bit. One of the reasons I send my kids to a childminder/preschool is not just for their own benefit, but for mine too. I find it hard to switch off my Mummy mode … Read more

Three things I’ve learned from self-isolating

14 day self-isolating coronavirus lessons charlotte ashley-roberts coaching

It’s day 3 of our 14-day self-isolating experience for our family due to my partner having a temperature. We don’t know if it is coronavirus since there’s no testing, but we’re taking the precaution anyway. I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned. You are not alone. When my partner woke with a temperature, … Read more

Never give up on a bad day

keep going forward personal coach cambridgeshire Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

Before I became a mum there was one thing that I really, really wanted to do and that was to be able to breastfeed my children. I was able to and am so grateful. Even so, there were moments where I found it hard, relentless even and it was then I turned to my tribe … Read more