How can you be more vulnerable?

We could all do with being more vulnerable. My daughters have taught me so much about being vulnerable and I’d like to share a story and ask: how can you be more vulnerable? I collected my middle daughter from school yesterday and I could hear her playing a game with her favourite teachers. I heard … Read more

5 skills you need to lead a team remotely

With the arrival of Covid, there have been a number of changes, not least that for many months a large proportion of the population worked from home. For some of us, this was normal. For others, totally alien. Whilst some folks thrive, others find it really difficult. It got me thinking of the skills you … Read more

How do you cultivate your creativity?

being more creative personal coaching cambridgeshire

Are you creative? How do you demonstrate your creativity? (If you believe you are creative). When I was young I loved to make those pictures that built up in layers. I thought I had ‘nice’ handwriting (though not as beautiful as my Dad’s) and I dabbled a bit in writing poetry – an outlet for … Read more