Focus on progress, not perfection

when your goals arent going to plan charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

I looked at my running stats, I was ten miles short of where I wanted to be that month. I spent hours working out if I could squeeze in a few more runs. Of course, I would be able to but it would mean sacrificing something else. In the back of my mind a question … Read more

Do you wish you didn’t put things off?

procrastination personal coaching cambridgeshire charlotte ashley-roberts

How I wish I didn’t put things off! Let me give you an example: My friend had kindly taken the kids to the park. We’d put the car seats in the car and when she returned I went out to put them back in. Inevitably, by then all the kids were tired and hungry and … Read more

Are you feeling exhausted from lockdown?

lockdown fatigue covid-19 charlotte ashley-roberts coaching cambridgeshire

Are you feeling exhausted from lockdown? You’re not alone. When lockdown began many of us put rainbows of hope in our windows. As I was chatting with my friend yesterday I observed that they were all looking a bit faded and we laughed that her Blu Tack had melted down the windowpane in the heat. … Read more

Are you giving away your power?

how to take back your power coach charlotte ashley-roberts cambridgeshire

My daughter often speaks in absolutes. “You never do x” or “you always say no”. These statements are often uttered with the immortal words of “it’s not fair”. Today, she said she’d had the worst time at the park because she was hot, thirsty and she’d had no-one to play with. I was tired and … Read more

Measuring your self-worth

deepen your self-worth charlotte ashley-roberts coach cambridgeshire

A client had been talking aloud about how she kept finding herself wanting to step in and help people. Suddenly, she paused, then she said “I think my self worth is tied to recognition” then, she went silent. I could see the processing happening as the lightbulb went off in her mind. I love these … Read more