A thought is a thought

The average person has over 60,000 thoughts a day (according to Dr Fred Luskin at Stanford University). Of those 60,000, 90% of them are repetitive – through the day and from previous days! That’s amazing isn’t it? The thoughts we have are a mixture of positive, negative, fearful, guilty, happy, angry, kind…you get the picture. … Read more

Why we should shine a light on our fears

Ever heard the expression “things are always better in the morning?” Harper Lee said that. You know the feeling,  when you wake in the wee hours and your mind is filled with thoughts and it seems like your worst fears are coming true. Fear can be powerful and it thrives in the dark places but cannot … Read more

I am courageous (and other positive affirmations)

I am courageous and other positive affirmations blog post your time to grow overcoming fear

You know that feeling when you are trying to be brave but it’s not quite working out? Me too. This month we are talking about overcoming fear and I have been thinking about positive affirmations. I have a number of positive affirmation packs of cards that I randomly pull a card from when I am need … Read more

What’s stopping you?

removing roadblocks career coach charlotte ashley-roberts cambridgeshire

I’ve asked before what would you do if you weren’t afraid? What did you choose? Applying for a job which you’ve always wanted but never had the courage to go for? Taking on a new responsibility? Making a change? Writing a book? Signing up for a challenge? Hopefully, you chose something meaningful to you, something that … Read more

What is your guilt threshold?

guilt threshold blog your time to grow coaching

I’ve been thinking a lot about guilt this week after attending Workfest 2016 a week last Saturday, where, as part of a panel discussion about ‘having it all’ Gaby Hinchcliff mentioned having a ‘guilt threshold’. At the time I thought it was a great phrase and over the week it bounced around in my brain … Read more