Are you part of a team? (lean in to relationships)

I said last week that the focus of leaning in wasn’t all on women and it’s not. When men lean in too the results are amplified. My take on Lean In is that we need to be a team, everyone supporting each other. The #leanintogether campaign run by the Lean In foundation says: “Involved dads raise … Read more

Be your authentic self (erm, how do I do that?!)

be your authenticself blog post your time to grow

“We need to lean in” “Be your authentic self” “Be yourself” “Don’t apologise for who you are” ‘Love yourself” We have all come across these types of statement, haven’t we? They keep cropping up in my life, they have been for about a year now. In fact, as I applied for promotion in a previous role … Read more

Everyone else is better than me

everyone else is better than me fake imposter your time to grow

“Everyone else is better than me. I am not as good as people think I am and sooner or later someone is going to find out. ” This is something I hear so many times in my coaching sessions, so many people feel this way. Do you? You may have come across this phenomenon before … Read more

You cannot pour from an empty cup

You cannot pour from an empty cup your time to grow blog post

I feel like a have a million things to do, my energy is going everywhere but me. I could scream. Ever feel like that? Me too. Often. Too often. When you’re someone who gives a lot it’s easy to forget about yourself and your needs. Do you sometimes feel like you’re barely treading water or … Read more